What is the one thing that all people would like to achieve regardless of education and background?


Financial wellness is a worthy goal to pursue.

Like many others, you probably aspire to live a comfortable and financially secure life, take care of your family, send your children to good schools, work in a career you absolutely love, and give to others in need. Yet, you may find yourself dealing with financial challenges that seem to get in the way.

Where should you focus? Investments are important and often cause concerns but it’s not likely to be your primary issue. It’s the day-to-day practical aspects of managing money that affects your quality of life and causes the greatest difficulties.

If this rings true, perhaps you also…     

  • Earn a high income yet have few financial assets.
  • Overspend and ask yourself, “Where does all my money go?”
  • Hide your feelings about being overwhelmed with debt.
  • Feel stressed and have trouble sleeping.
  • Try to maintain an image you cannot afford.
  • Feel compelled to help others financially before you help yourself.
  • Have inadequate savings for contingencies and opportunities.
  • Think, “I should be further along.”
  • Disagree with your spouse about money.
  • Don’t pay bills on time.
  • Would not be prepared financially if you encountered a job loss.

There is a solution… I’m Robin Thompson, a financial consultant, money coach, and popular speaker. I founded Budget Wise Consulting to help people like you. We equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage their financial resources. My passion is to help people overcome challenges caused by burdensome debt, out of control spending habits, lack of savings, or the inability to stick to a plan. Budget Wise is the solution if you are committed to change. I want you to be financially free so you can live the life you were created to live!